How much is your brand worth?

Here’s an interesting piece of information…

There are several companies whose brand is worth more than the rest of the business. Can you get your head around that? It means that if you separated the brand from the rest of the business, the people, the experts, the desks, chairs, buildings, vehicles; the brand alone would be worth more than all that put together.

big brands that are worth more than the rest of the business

google a monster whilst eating an apple at an ibm running microsoft in a superdry hoodie

So I’d suggest that building your brand is a worthwhile endeavour. Especially if your business is just a couple of people, their skills and expertise, and a some office furniture. When you come to pass on the business or sell it, your brand could seriously enhance the bottom line.

Whilst you’re not allowed to put an actual value on your brand or logo, there are legitimate ways a good accountant can use them to make your business worth more on paper. And in any dealings with investors or banks, they will effectively and expertly guess what your brand is worth and take it into consideration.

Building your brand, keeping a firm hold on it and how it’s used, associating it positively with your business, level of service and the face you present to the public should be part of your weekly routine to grow your business. It’s as important as chasing invoices, finding the next job and using a good accountant.

What do you think?

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