Aggravating Accreditations Animosity

We often have to source accreditation logos in order to get a job designed, printed and finished. Clients will help as much as possible but they normally give us low resolution web versions of the logos. This is fine; clients are not designers or printers and this is exactly why they come to us.

accreditsWe will approach the various accrediting bodies and request the logos, in proper vector graphics format suitable for high quality print. Obtaining the logos can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming, unfortunately – but we never give up!

For bodies whose sole existence surrounds accrediting an organisation with reaching a certain standard; whose raisons d’être is putting a logo on something, these bodies seem to have no idea about their accreditation logos. Some of the difficulties we suffer are…

  • Despite our asking for vector files suitable for high quality professional print, they still send us tiny low res JPEGs that would look very bad when printed.
  • It seems as if they have never, ever been asked for a logo before. We may as well be asking for a lightly grilled stoat!
  • They will not give the logo to a third party.
  • They will not give the logo to anyone!
  • We can’t get our request past the admin assistant, who repeatedly just sends us yet another tiny JPEG.
  • The logo simply does not exist in a format suitable for professional print.
  • They try to lecture us on the suitability of the logo, or tell us the tiny low res JPEG will print just fine, they print it every day on their office ink-jet.

So here’s our issue with all this:

These bodies exist to put their logo on stuff – why don’t they have the tiniest modicum of  logo knowledge? After all, they’re in the logo business! Do they really want their lovely accreditation logo to look like a fuzzy, badly coloured mess of pixels because the only way to get it is to pull it off a web site? How is this good for their corporate image?

Why are they so precious? Surely the benefits of having their logo reproduced beautifully every time, outweigh the one or two rogue or nefarious uses someone may put it to if it was freely and easily available – most people are very honest and would not use an accreditation mark they do not deserve.

And to those bodies who just refuse to give us the logo… Why? What are you afraid of? why do you even exist? What’s the point of the “can’t supply our logo to your designer” policy? These are responsible businesses who care about their image enough to employ a professional designer and printer to produce their stuff – surely these are the ones you ought to be most eager to give the logo to?

Rest assured, we may spend a while doing it but we’ll always endeavour to get your accreditations in the correct format and ensure your printed material looks superb.

What do you think?

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